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your issues, our job.

your issues,

our job.

We know your issues related to spent grain management.


Lack of space is a problem. In an urban environment, space is rare and expensive, and at the price of a square foot it is a shame to reserve part of it for the storage of spent grains.


Smell can also be problematic, especially in the summer. Since spent grain is a wet residue, its rapid degradation can cause inconvenience to staff, customers or the neighborhood.


Brewing schedules vary from week to week, but also with the seasons. Because of the limited space and the rapid degradation of the residue, it is necessary to be agile in order to collect the spent grain as quickly as possible.


Getting rid of spent grain can sometimes be costly. What if you could turn this expense into an investment for sustainable development and marketing?
Closing the loop would be great, wouldn’t it?

"Those who are similar come together! "

Boomerang is, like the Dispensaire, a young company run by friends sharing a similar vision. What matters to me is that our brewing by-products - which are still full of nutrients - are upcycled in an efficient and healthy way. Having worked with them only once confirmed that the product would be respected and that there would be no waste! Cheers!
Co-founder & Head Brewer | Le Dispensaire

our solution

An agile pickup service developed with you and for you.

An agile pickup service

developed with you and for you.

With Boomerang, spent grain pickup is no longer a problem.

Thanks to our agile pickup service we adapt to your brewing schedule to collect the spent grain at the exit of your tanks. Via our shared calendar platform, you will be able to fill in your brewing schedule, which will allow us to provide a fast and efficient pickup service.

Even better, each time we bring you fresh and clean ones.

No more storage and smell problems, you can concentrate your space and energy on what you love the most: brewing beer.


Interested in upcycling your spent grains? Ask a quote for our pickup service!