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Equivalent T150 (wholegrain)


An easy to use flour that can be incorporated quickly into your creations.

Our Spent Grain flour is generally used as a complement to other flours. 
It is easy to incorporate into mixes: it is perfectly suited to white and wholemeal flours.

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With their roasted taste, our flours bring chocolate / caramel notes and highlights to your creations, which will bring delicacy to your products. Our flours will also bring a golden / caramelized color to your creations.

Because of their high fiber content, our flours will add texture. Allowing you to play on the crunchy or soft aspect of the finished products.

Unique nutritional properties: Our flours are rich in fiberprotein and minerals while being lower in calories than traditional flours. That makes them ideal for vegetarianvegan or athletes; our flour is also recommended in cases of diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. Last but not least, the boomerang flour helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer.

Our flours are made from brewing residues. Consuming them means committing to sustainable development by reducing food waste. In addition to reducing food waste, our flours reduce the transportation, agricultural land and water required for flour production, thus reducing the carbon and water footprints of your finished products.


Unique flour, unique use.

As you can see, adding a portion of our spent grain flour in a recipe increases the amount of dietary fibreprotein and essential amino acids while reducing the calories.

Spent grain flour is usually used as a complement to other flours. Its incorporation into blends is EASY: it can be perfectly mixed with white and wholegrain flours. Depending on the desired result, we generally recommend adding up to 30% of spent grain flour to your recipes. 


(Replacing a portion of white or other flours with spent grain flour)

< 10%

  • No impact on taste and texture.
  • Adds a subtle brown color to the product.
  • Increase in fibre content but not in protein.

10% - 20%

  • Subtle roasted taste, denser product with more texture.
  • Brings a more pronounced brown color. Slightly more water should be added.
  • Increased fibre and protein content.

> 20%

  • Stronger taste, darker color and denser texture.
  • Greater increase in nutritional values.
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